The EMST 150™ is the first calibrated expiratory muscle strength trainer designed specifically for individuals who want to improve their breathing and swallow function. This is accomplished by increasing the force generating capability of the expiratory muscles.  The EMST 150™ was developed by leading physiologists who recognized the importance of people with different needs to train muscles involved in their activities. Also of great importance is the ability to measure their progress over time. EMST 150™ has over 15 years of research outcomes demonstrating improvements in diverse populations. Using the EMST 150™ allows the user to specifically tailor their exercise regime and help achieve results in less time. The EMST150™ is so lightweight and portable that it can fit in your briefcase, purse or gym bag. People of all ages from seniors to Gen X and from elite athletes to golfers, to adventure seekers, singers and musicians - You can take advantage of the EMST 150™ trainer - Wherever you go! Try the EMST 150™ today and improve your potential or gain that competitive edge.

The EMST 150™ increases respiratory muscle strength making you feel less breathless during work and play!  Studies have even shown that you may have better swallowing and stronger coughs, essential for protecting your airways, after using the EMST 150™ trainer.